Universal LAN Printer support

Using Celiveo 365 on any IPP 2.0 printer

Any IPP2.0-compatible printer can be used to release pull print documents secure in Celiveo 365, that’s 99% of office printers sold today.

Those printers usually can’t communicate to the Cloud, don’t accept embedded solutions, but are IPP 2.0 compatible.

They can then be addressed by the Celiveo Universal Printer Endpoint (UPE), an IoT (Internet Of Things) service for Windows 10/11/Server that leverages from Microsoft notification Service to be informed when a document needs to be released on a given printer. It can be installed either on-premises, i.e. in a private Cloud Windows VM with TCP-IP access to the printers on the LAN.

The Celiveo 365 UPE provide the following service:

  • Provide printer status to all users
  • Release of print jobs on IPP 2.0 printers that don’t support the Celiveo 365 printer agent
  • Audits printing and reports the metadata to Celiveo 365

Multiple UPE can be deployed to provide geofencing, load balancing, high availability and clustering.

Each UPE instance can process up to 500 simultaneous documents processsing.


Celiveo 365 cloud print supports IPP 2.0 printers

Note: when the printer cannot load the Celiveo 365 agent, the scan, email sending, copy and any other walk-up function is not controlled or audited, and the print jobs list and action is available from the user smartphone. To benefit from integration on the front panel and full device control you need to use a printer accepting the Celiveo 365 Printer Agent.