Supported HP Printers & MFPs


HP Futuresmart printer models released from January 2022 are of the “Futuresmart Modern” generation and require the HP FutureSmart 5.7 Firmware. The list of these HP Modern devices is available below.

From the FutureSmart 5.5 firmware release, TLS 1.3 is enabled by default and as such the Celiveo Printer Agent may not function properly as some web services only support TLS 1.2 as of today.
To learn more about that situation, please read this article.

Do not use HP Futuresmart firmware as some problems have been encountered.
If you are using HP Futuresmart firmware 4.10 or later, you need to enable port 9100 during the synchronization and disable it once the synchronization is complete. To learn more about how to enable/disable port 9100, please see the Celiveo Manual.

List of HP printers and MFPs accepting the embedded Celiveo agent

for advanced features such as on-screen interaction, card authentication, access control…

HP printer models released after January 2022 are indicated in bold
M/E 4xx series
HP Printer model
LJ Enterprise M406dn/M407dn
LJ Enterprise MFP M430f/M431f
Color LJ Enterprise M455dn
LJ M4555 MFP
Color LJ Enterprise MFP M480f
LJ Managed E40040dn
LJ Managed MFP E42540f
Color LJ Managed E45028dn
Color LJ Managed MFP E47528f
M/E 5xx series
HP Printer model
LJ Managed E50045
LJ Managed E50145
LJ Managed E506
LJ Enterprise M506
LJ Enterprise M507
LJ Enterprise 500/M525 MFP
LJ Enterprise 500/M525c flow MFP
LJ Managed MFP E525
LJ Managed MFP E52545
LJ Managed MFP E52645
LJ Managed Flow MFP E525
LJ Managed MFP E527
LJ Managed Flow MFP E527
LJ Enterprise MFP M527
LJ Enterprise MFP M528
LJ E55040
LJ Managed E55040 series
LJ Enterprise 500/M551
LJ Enterprise 500/M552
LJ Managed E553
LJ Enterprise 500/M553
Color LJ Enterprise 500/M554
Color LJ Enterprise 500/M555
PageWide PageWide Enterprise Color 556
PageWide Managed Color E55650
Color LJ Enterprise X55745
Color LJ Enterprise 5700
LJ Enterprise 500/M575 MFP
LJ Enterprise 500/M575c flow MFP
LJ Managed MFP E575
LJ Managed Flow MFP E575
LJ Managed MFP E57540
LJ Managed MFP E577
LJ Managed Flow MFP E577
LJ Enterprise MFP M577
Color LJ Enterprise MFP M578 Series
PageWide Enterprise Color MFP 586
Color LJ Enterprise MFP X57945
Color LJ Enterprise MFP 5800
Color LJ Enterprise MFP x58045
PageWide Managed Color MFP E58650
M/E 6xx series
HP Printer model
LJ Managed E60055
LJ Managed E60065
LJ Managed E60075
LJ Managed E60155
LJ Managed E60165
LJ Managed E60175
LJ Enterprise 600/M601
LJ Enterprise 600/M602
LJ Enterprise 600/M603
LJ Enterprise M604
LJ Managed E605
LJ Enterprise M605
LJ Enterprise M606
LJ Enterprise M607
LJ Enterprise M608
LJ Enterprise M609
LJ Enterprise M610
LJ Enterprise M611
LJ Enterprise M612
LJ Managed MFP E62555
LJ Managed MFP E62565
LJ Managed MFP E62575
LJ Managed MFP E62655
LJ Managed MFP E62665
LJ Managed MFP E62675
LJ Managed MFP E630
LJ Managed Flow MFP E630
LJ Enterprise MFP M630
LJ Enterprise MFP M631
LJ Enterprise MFP M632
LJ Enterprise MFP M633
LJ Enterprise MFP M634
LJ Enterprise MFP M635
LJ Enterprise MFP M636
LJ Managed MFP E65050
LJ Managed E651
LJ Managed MFP E65060
LJ Managed E65150
LJ Managed E65160
LJ Enterprise M651
LJ Enterprise M652
LJ Enterprise M653
Color LJ Enterprise x654
Color LJ Enterprise x65455dn
Color LJ Enterprise x65465dn
Color LJ Enterprise 6700
Color LJ Enterprise 6701
LJ Managed MFP E67550
LJ Managed MFP E67560
LJ Managed MFP E67650
LJ Managed MFP E67660
Color LJ Enterprise MFP x677
Color LJ Enterprise MFP x67755dn
Color LJ Enterprise MFP x67765dn
Color LJ Enterprise MFP 6800
LJ Managed MFP E680
LJ Managed Flow MFP E680
LJ Enterprise M680 MFP
LJ Enterprise M681 MFP
LJ Enterprise M682 MFP
M/E 7xx series
HP Printer model
LJ Enterprise 700/M712
LJ Managed MFP E72425-E72430
LJ Enterprise 700/M725
LJ Managed MFP E725
LJ Managed MFP E72520-E72540
LJ Managed MFP E730
LJ Managed MFP E730XX
LaserJet Managed MFP E731
LaserJet Managed MFP E731XX
LJ Enterprise M750
LJ Enterprise M751
PageWide Managed E75160
LJ Managed E75245
PageWide Managed P75250**
PageWide Enterprise 755
PageWide Enterprise 765
LJ Managed MFP E77422-E77428
PageWide Managed P77440**
LJ Enterprise 700/M775 MFP
LJ Managed MFP E775
LJ Enterprise M776 MFP
PageWide Managed MFP E77650
PageWide Managed MFP E77660
LJ Managed MFP E77820-E77830
LJ Managed MFP E77822-E77830
PageWide Managed MFP P77940**
PageWide Managed MFP P77950**
PageWide Managed MFP P77960**
PageWide Enterprise MFP 780
Color LJ Managed MFP E78323-E78330 series
Color LJ Managed MFP E78330dn
PageWide Enterprise MFP 785
Color LJ Managed MFP E785
Color LJ Managed MFP E785XX
Color LJ Managed MFP E786
Color LJ Managed MFP E786XX
** Requires 4.8.1 firmware version or newer
M/E 8xx series
HP Printer model
LJ Enterprise M806
LJ Managed MFP E82540-E82560
LJ Managed MFP E826
LJ Managed MFP E826XX
LJ Managed Flow MFP E830
LJ Enterprise M830 flow MFP
LJ Managed E85055
LJ Enterprise M855
LJ Enterprise M856
LJ Managed MFP E87640-E87660
Color LJ Managed MFP E877
Color LJ Managed MFP E877XX
LJ Managed Flow MFP E880
LJ Enterprise M880 flow MFP

Other HP printers and MFPs

Celiveo 365 supports non-FutureSmart HP printers using the Celiveo UPE IoT service (Universal Printer Endpoint) and smartphone authentication and interface to select/release/delete print jobs. It is running on a Windows instance on intranet or Private Cloud.



Important disclaimer: Celiveo is not affiliated with any printer vendors and names/logos shown above do not imply any kind of endorsement by Celiveo or by the printer vendor.