Celiveo 365 Features

Celiveo 365 protects your documents by adding avanced cyber-secure Cloud features to Universal Print by Microsoft, while saving money

Easy web Administration

  • Pure SaaS Cloud print Management
  • Elastic Azure-based SaaS, not an “hybrid” solution
  • Replaces the Universal Print management console with an intuitive, one-roof, deployment and management portal
  • Quickly discover and add printers through SNMP
  • Supports any IPP-compatible LAN printer (98% of the models sold today)
  • Perfect to manage printer fleets of any size
  • Leverages on AAD / Entra ID groups for live access control
  • Display extensive logs and alerts screen
  • Manage floor maps with printer properties, location and status available to users on PC and smartphone

Test Celiveo 365 for free for 10 users,
30 days

Advanced Access Control & Print

  • Control who can access printers, release print jobs, on any IPP-compatible LAN printer
  • On MFPs with Celiveo Agent, control also who can use walkup functions such as photocopy and scan
  • Pull-Print from Windows, MacOS, Chrome Enterprise, Microsoft Universal Print
  • Pull-Print from iOS and Android with NFC authentication on any IPP-compatible printer, secure by Microsoft AAD SSO
  • Users can authenticate using their iOS and Android Smartphone or contactless card/User ID and AAD/Entra ID login/pwd on MFPs with Celiveo Agent.
  • Granular access rights linked to AAD / Entra ID groups
  • Access control to color, simplex printing

​Documents Security & Traceability

  • Add Secure Pull Print and Print Management to Microsoft Universal Print
  • Document can be released on the closest printer
  • Print jobs are not released unless their owner authenticates on a printer
  • Advanced Zero-Trust-Access PKI architecture
  • AES256 encryption with unique key for each document
  • Further encryption using TLS + ECC cert from Celiveo Zero-Trust-Access cert chain
  • Protection against documents tampering
  • Full traceability on all document access, printing, failures, incidents, card reader removal and plugin
  • Advanced Usage Reporting and usage bill-back using Power BI
  • Coming Soon: secure Scan to Sharepoint and OneDrive

Celiveo 365 Features List


Celiveo 365 is a SaaS and evolves each month with new capabilities appearing on the screens.
Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are looking for specific features, they may already be under test!

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Celiveo 365 Core Functions
■ standard        □ optional  
Extends Microsoft Universal Print to Corporate Output Management
Cloud Universal Pull Print
User authentication on printers & MFP1
Print tracking & reporting
Copy, scan, fax tracking & reporting1
Enhancement to Microsoft Universal Print
Mobile printing
Chromebook Enterprise printing
Zero-Trust-Access secure architecture
■ standard        □ optional
Print jobs data encryption at rest (AES256)
Print jobs data encryption in motion (AES256)
OS-less SaaS (native and elastic Azure App)
Full Zero-Trust-Access security over public Internet, no VPN
Dedicated SQL Server PAAS database for each client
Dual encryption of SQL tables and data
Privacy laws compliance: no user data stored in Cloud
Covered by development security operations (DevSecOps)
Covered by Cloud security posture management (CSPM)
Covered by Cloud workload protection platform (CWPP)
Daily pentest and vulnerablities scan
Endpoint protection using ECC-P256 cert chains
Endpoint mutual TLS cert authentication
Password-less user and device authentication
Data stay in datacenter region
US Datacenter (Texas)
European Union Datacenter (France)
Asia-Pacific Datacenter (Singapore)
Australia Datacenter  (Canberra)
Zero-latency updates
Daily regulatory and compliance reports against:
ISO27001:2013, SOC 2, SOC TSP, UKO and UK NHS, FedRAMP H, FedRAMP M, NIST SP 800-53 R5, NIST SP 800-171 R2, Australian Gov ISM PROTECTED, New-Zealand ISM Restricted, New-Zealand ISM Restricted  v3.5, Canada Federal PBMM
Web Portal Administration

■ standard        □ optional  
Cloud admin portal
Login with AAD/Entra ID SSO
Live interface with AAD/Entra ID
Fast printers discovery and auto-import
Supports any IPP 2.0 compatible printer
Automatic creation of Universal Print Cloud printers
Floor maps with printers location
Printers geo-tagging
Conditional access to printers by group
Universal Printer Endpoint IoT packages to support passive printers
Multi-level delegation
Multi-level fleet partitions
Printer photo in profile
Automatic and complimentary generation of Cert chains for endpoints
Personalized views with filtering
Events viewer with big-data filtering
User Authentication
■ standard        □ optional  
Use iOS smartphone to ID on printer
Use Android smartphone to ID on printer
Proximity card on printer card reader1
Dual factor (badge + password)1
PIN / IDCode on printer screen1
OAuth2 Login/pwd on printer screen1
Card self-enrollment on printer & MFP1
PIN self-enrollment on web portal
Authentication rules on MFP1
Direct user validation against AAD/Entra ID
High Availability Authentication using cache in the Celiveo agent embedded in the printer2
Full Stealth mode, no user information stored in clear in Celiveo 365
Smart Printing, Rules Based Printing
■ standard        □ optional
Driverless printing
Pull Print, jobs are released upon request by the print job owner
Post Pull Print jobs on secure web portal
Pull Print web app for iOS
Pull Print web app for Android
Printer selection with map + photo
Live printer status on smartphone & PC
Selection of print options at release time
Drivers deployment and installation
Print rules on PC
Print rules on printer/MFP1
Print rule to stop print job1
Print rule to force Black & White1
Print rule to force toner saving1
Print rule to force duplex1
Stealth mode for print jobs metadata
Print job name anonymizer
Print from Windows 10/11
Print from Windows 365
Print from Azure Virtual Desktop
Print from MacOS
Print from iOS, Android
Tracking And Reporting
■ standard        □ optional  
Print cost definition per paper format
Print cost for B&W printing
Print cost for color printing
Print cost discount for duplex printing
Detailed job metadata
Anonymisable User UPN
User groups
Print job name  
Job type (print, copy, scan, fax)
Printer name
Printer model
Printer type
Printer geo-tags
Paper size
Duplex status
Color status
Tracking data from printer engine
Tracking data from print job analyzer
Web reporting portal
CSV export
Reports templates for PowerBI

SaaS Licensing Model
■ standard        □ optional
Floating user license
Price per active user, per month (yearly commitment)
Price per printer action (print/copy/scan) for large fleets
No cost per printer
Includes Maintenance & Support

1: for printers and MFPs with Celiveo agent
2: for printers and MFPs with Celiveo embedded agent