Boost Microsoft Universal Print
with Celiveo 365

Celiveo 365 and Universal Print

Celiveo365 provides cyber-secure document printing technology as an easy-to-use plug-in for Microsoft 365. It is a Microsoft Azure native secure Cloud app, adding pull print, mobile print, MFP access control, usage tracking and bill-back to the powerful Universal Print service.

Celiveo 365 is an Edge Computing technology, the intelligence rests at the intelligent printers level and interacts directly with Microsoft Universal Print and Azure using advanced Zero Trust Access technology.

As a result Cloud Print is slick, fast, secure and is not a solution running side-by-side with Microsoft Universal Print.

Celiveo 365 adds advanced features that most Enterprise companies are looking for: Cyber Security and Documents access control. You can read more about our enthusiasm in our “Cloud or Smoke?” blog and in “Welcome to Universal Print by Microsoft”

Contact us to discuss your Print Management projects with Universal Print by Microsoft!

Universal Print by Microsoft provides the perfect Cloud Print spooler:

Cloud print queue standard in Win 10, Win 11, Windows 365 and Azure Virtual Desktop
Cloud print queue for MacOS
No print server, no application server needed
No print driver needed

Access rights managed with AAD groups

Celiveo 365 adds advanced Security and management features such as:


User-friendly Celiveo 365 portal replacing the Universal Print portal, able to create Print Queues and manage large printer fleets in a few clicks, multi-lingual


Secure pull print with jobs list display on printer screen1, smartphone, PC or tablet


Secure mobile print from iOS, Android over Public Internet


User authentication on printers and MFP using:

  • iOS and Android Smartphones
  • Contactless Card1
  • PIN code1
  • PKI Smartcard1
  • FIPS L2 Yubikey1

Dual AES256 encryption of print jobs data in motion and at rest

Rules on printers based on AAD/Entra ID groups and OU and print job metadata
Direct communication between printer and Azure, no gateway/server1
Full compliance with privacy laws, stealth mode option for sensitive data

Celiveo 365 discovers and secures your printers in a few mouse clicks, for pull print through Universal Print, say goodbye to the cumbersome printer registration


Support any IPP 2.0 compatible LAN printer, not only those that are Universal Print compatible

Printer-embedded tracking of print/copy/scan/fax jobs1, report using Power BI

With Celiveo 365 you get:

A lower cost

No need for on-premise server or gateway thanks to the Celiveo 365 printer agent1

  • Celiveo 365 is a true SaaS solution, no server or VM to run, license and maintain
  • Predictable cost, all included2, no cost for Cloud traffic or storage
  • Celiveo 365 supports any network printer that’s IPP2.0 compatible, protecting your investment
  • The subscription model is as simple as Microsoft 365, per user and per month
  • Celiveo 365 puts you in full control on the printers and MFP usage
  • For projects of more than 500 users, contact us to benefit from our volume and ‘pay-as-you-go’ prices

A Genuine SaaS solution with top reliability and accessibility

  • Celiveo 365 is not deeply interfaced with Microsoft Cloud printing capability
  • There is no need for on-premise server or gateway
  • Cloud Print service monitoring
  • Celiveo 365 is an elastic resource running deep inside Azure and benefits from the high availability, elasticity and high security of Microsoft Azure
  • Celiveo 365 features High Availability, it is always possible to authenticate with card or PIN on MFP and track the printer usage even if the Internet connection is down, all that without any local gateway or server1

High Security and Confidentiality


  • Built on a Zero-Trust-Access architecture, any communication is considered as hostile unless proven otherwise
  • 24×7 CSPM verification of security and daily compliance audit against the 12 most stringent security norms including SOC-2, ISO27001, HIPAA/HITRUST, UKO, AU/NZ-ISM, NIST SP 800-53 R5 and FedRAMP H
  • Does not need/use/create any VPN
  • All endpoints are protected with ECC certificate chains for identification and TLS mutual authentication/encryption
  • Compression and double-encryption of documents with AES256 until they reach the printer
  • As there is no VM or server-based software, Celiveo 365 it is not interrupted by OS security updates or solution update. Azure takes care of security updates, transparently

Subscribing to Celiveo 365 is fast and easy:

Your details and a payment method


  • A credit card to pay for the SaaS
  • or if you are a company or reseller, you can contact us to open an account and receive a subscription code, no card needed



Microsoft Administration Rights

  • Set automatically during subscription
  • Requires a valid Microsoft Universal Print subscription
    (more here: Universal Print)
  • Add Celiveo 365 a plugin solution to your Microsoft 365 subscription (privileged administrator rights)
  • Grant access to Celiveo 365 for all your users
  • Let Celiveo 365 create and manage Universal Print Cloud printers and print jobs


You can test Celiveo for 30 days at no cost!

  • Your card is not charged before the end of the 30 days trial mode
  • You can cancel the test period at any time
  • Contact us if your project deserves a longer test period

What’s different with Celiveo 365?

Direct from the Cloud

On many printer models1, Celiveo 365 intelligence runs inside the printer and features high-availability technology to always work, even in case of major LAN/WAN/Cloud catastrophe, and without requiring any PC or server on-premise. And most of the time you will not even notice there was a Cloud access outage when you make a copy or send an analog fax.

Today printing still require Internet connection to be live as there is no local software to install, but stay tuned, our talented engineers are working on High Availability for print jobs!


Ultra Low Traffic

No need for costly high-speed fiber connection, a DSL connection will be good enough for most ground premises.

Authentication happens locally, data is compressed from Celiveo 365 to printers.

That limits to the maximum the volume of data transferred to and from the Cloud, and therefore reduces your overall wait time at the printer.

Very, very fast!

With smart printers1 information such as PIN code and card number is processed at the printer level1, where Celiveo manages its secure user identity cache. It does not go back to the Cloud unless the user is unknown. Pull print jobs are compressed and encrypted in the Cloud, decrypted at the printer where the user reclaims them. Tracking information is sent directly by the printer1 into the Cloud.

The result is an awesome performance, very fast authentication and printing and no gateway PC/server/service needed to reach the Cloud from a  smart printer or MFP1.


Technical requirements

  • Internet connection for PC, MacOS and printers
  • Any IPP2.0 compatible printer (99% of models) and printers/MFPs supporting the Celiveo 365 embedded agent
  • For the Celiveo 365 administrators, a Win 10 or 11 PC with .NET Desktop runtime 6.X.X, Edge/Chrome/Firefox browser
  • An active Microsoft 365 subscription with print credits for end-users
  • Celiveo Administrators must be Printer Administrator in AAD/Entra ID
  • At subscription time: the Administrator linking Celiveo 365 to your Microsoft 365 tenant must be either Privilege Role Administrator or Global Administrator to link Celiveo 365 to the corporate tenant and process print jobs, identify users.

1: Advanced feature on printers supporting the Celiveo 365 agent
2: Cloud access, Microsoft subscriptions and Universal Print consumption not included